Forage FAQ's

Our small round bales are approx 52 x 56cm in size making them easy to handle, stack & store. We measure our bales in volume although they are comparable in weight to square brands (& no, we don't do those). Typically, one of our small bales will generously feed a 16hh allrounder, who's stabled overnight for four nights - but obviously this will vary.

We also produce large round bales of hay, haylage, oat & barley straw for local delivery - contact us if you're further out & we'll do our best. All bales are available all year round & we guarantee quality too!

How To Order

We use PayPal for online payments (you don't need an account) & our minimum order is ten small bales.

1. Select your forage type, desired quantity & click the 'Add Bales' button.
2. The PayPal window will open & store your order.
3. Click "continue shopping" to return to this page.
4. Add more bales or select your delivery mileage.
5. To view your order or pay, click the "View Cart" button above.
6. Any questions? Get in touch :)

Trial Bale Offer!

Why not try before you buy? We understand you might prefer to taste test our forage before ordering our minimum ten bales, so trial a single bale (with free delivery) Simply select which bale you'd like to try & we'll deliver it the next time we're in your area! One bale per yard - thanks.

Trial Bales

Our Haylege

Soft, light, dry & fragrant bales make our haylage highly palatable, tempting the fussiest of feeders (even when away competing!). We produce without the use of any chemicals, so there's no awful sickly smell or tacky feeling.

Order Haylage

Our Hay

We rotate our fields & grasses to ensure our hay is always nutritious, leafy soft & of top quality from year to year. The care we take when harvesting & mellowing gives our hay a light, fresh scent & keeps it virtually dust free.

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Oat Straw

Oat straw is a high fibre, low sugar forage which retains its nutritional value. It can be mixed with hay or haylage to add more fibre or bulk, keeping your horses' digestive system moving, without adding unwanted energy!

Oat Straw

Barley Straw

Light, golden & fibrous, our barley straw primarily makes a great bedding, being cosy, comfy & quick draining - however, its a perfect munch for donkeys & many horses enjoy it (especially if attending slimming world!)

Barley Straw

Delivery Fee

Please select the mileage from Dundee which best represents your delivery. If you're unsure, send us your postcode & we can let you know.